The Home Depot :What's it like to work here?

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Not what you think and not what it used to be.

Not recommended
EmployeeWorked at Home Depot in Atlanta, GA at the time of review.

What I like

They do offer (minimal) sick leave and vacation time, 401k and stock in the company to purchase at a slight discount. Full-time employees are offered health insurance as well.

What I dislike

The attendance policy is atrocious, absences are excused only if you have enough hours of sick leave to cover the full absence. It takes 3 months to earn a full day of leave, so two weeks in hospital with pneumonia earned me a disciplinary notice.

Suggestions for improvement

Treat adults with respect, like the adults they are, until they demonstrate they're unworthy not the inverse. I wouldn't speak to a dog the way my team leader speaks to me. Put people on a set, predictable schedule so they can actually manage to cover their childcare needs, go to school, or work a second job.

Company Culture

The "Good ole boy" network is strong and they're all about the "yes men."

Internal Communication

Every week our team leader rattles off our store, district and regional sales figures but she has no basic understanding of what they mean or how our work impacts them. Every year we get a slick CD-Rom in the mail with the annual results.


Everyone is so busy throwing people under the bus and knifing them in the back, it is a wonder any actual work gets done.s

Work-Life Balance

Employees are often pressured to stay past their shift or work overnight especially right before corporate inspection walks. Doesn't matter if you have kids, school or any other life commitments, refuse even once and you will NEVER be promoted.

Support from management

Negligible. Depot is big on jargon and acronyms but goals and expectations are ill defined and nebulous. Requests for clarification are met with more nonsensical jargon.

Freedom to work independently

Merchandisers are micromanaged to the last second. Our entire day is timed by our hand-held computers. We're constantly told we're either over or under time for a task but never, ever given the target time that task is meant to take. It's hard to hit a target you can't see.

Inclusive / Diverse

Diversity is so highly prized and pushed by HR that I feel sorry for the straight, white men I work with.

Gender Equality

They're so adamant all genders are equal they'll schedule a five foot two, 55 year old woman to load pavers, soil, mulch and concrete all day, and write her up if she can't lift twenty 60 pound bags fast enough.

Attitude towards older colleagues

They expect 70 year old retirees to do the same work they expect of tiny women and fit 20 somethings and if you're not a boot licking sycophant, they won't hesitate to get rid of you if you can't.

Office / Work Environment

In winter I wear shorts to work in below 40 degree weather because they set the heat too high. In summer heat exhaustion is a constant danger, even inside. I cannot wear my contacts because everything is coated in concrete dust and we're all going deaf from the equipment noise

Environmental Friendliness

They do recycle cardboard boxes, but bricks, tile, glass, rebar, broken toilets, vanities, shelving and every other item you can think of go to the landfill. It's disgraceful.

Handicapped Accessibility

We have accessible toilets and parking for our customers. We don't have any physically disabled employees. I often wonder if our management team is intellectually disabled.

Workplace Safety

They're big on safety but rarely hold forklift and reach truck operators accountable for running over and destroying fixtures and other unsafe behaviors at night, day shift is different.

Overall compensation for your work

Our pay falls squarely in the middle of the average pay for what we do.

Job Security

My position will always exist, but if I tick off the wrong department head, team leader, assistant or store manager I won't be the person filling it for long.

Company Image

Honestly, I CRINGE when people ask me what I do for a living.

Career Development

I cannot work overnights or relocate at the company's whim because I am not the primary income and have a family so I have absolutely no chance of being promoted, ever.

Challenging Work

You could train a chimp to do my job and pay him in bananas. I wouldn't mind if I wasn't micromanaged to death and spoken to like a dog.