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The Miriam 

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I love working for this company. It's a safe, clean, friendly place where you can talk to co workers without a problem.

EmployeeWorked in Human resources/recruiting at the time of review.

What I like

I love the diversity amongst the hospital with the nurses, RNs and transportation staff. I love that everyone can communicate properly. It's clean and friendly and bright

What I dislike

I personally don't disapprove of anything the company is doing. They are on point but sometimes it can get slow and waiting rooms can be full is probably the only down fall

Suggestions for improvement

Having more nurses up front and more rooms available so patients dont have to sit in the waiting room so long

Company Culture

There is a lot if diversity within the hospital

Internal Communication

Awesome communication


Lots of interacting amongst coworkers

Work-Life Balance

It's workable that's all that matters

Support from management

Yes management is amazing

Freedom to work independently

Its a hospital it has too

Inclusive / Diverse

Lots of different ethnicities

Gender Equality

Lots of female RNs and Nurses but also a lot of males too

Attitude towards older colleagues

Some older nurses are good to have, more relatable for some people

Office / Work Environment

Can be hectic at times but is comfortable

Environmental Friendliness

Lots of environmental awareness

Handicapped Accessibility

Not a lot but enough

Workplace Safety

It's a hospital it has to be safe at all times

Overall compensation for your work

It's okay not great but I can deal

Company Image

Yes love my job!

Career Development

Yes opportunities to train in other areas and to go up

Challenging Work

It can be pretty challenging, patients get anxious, a lot going on at once

Job Security