The Watermark Retirement: What's it like to work here?

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Certified Nursing Assistant

CandidateApplied at The Watermark Retirement in PhzI'm certified Nursing Assistant in 2015 and later declined an offer.

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Getting to the The Watermark I was really excited to work there Human Resources was so pleasant and well spirit of welcome me in the watermark

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  • My Personal reasons that I did not like how the way it was manage, is totally different when you start working on the floor even though the shadowing was great, it's just when you on your own it becomes to be shortage of Cna all the time, doing it 5 times a day it becomes very tired and your mobility and it takes over your body, it's not fair that you have to do 12 or 12 resident. I care of the passion for being a nursing assistant and helping others. Then you have AIDS who are and obnoxious to other aid and patients is not right. I love the watermark but but they need to handle the chain of command a lil better, I was threated like I was a foreign from a different country so I just decided not to come back ever again.
  • I change for a better and decided to work in a Hospital that is very caring of what I do, and that's care for the sick and and give them a good spirit.
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