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Program Manager in Dallas is Horrible at Managing People

Former Employee

What I like

Upper level management in Colorado are fantastic! The company as a whole has a great culture and benefits package.

What I dislike

Program Manager in Dallas is horrible at communication and uninclusive. Depressing place to work.

Suggestions for improvement

Program Manager needs to communicate better and not play favorites. The PMs demeanor is rude and calculating. The PM needs to be a better manager of people by increasing moral with communication of current status of client assessments and general company inclusion.

Career Development

No room to move forward into any leadership role. Program Manager does not train anyone on leaderships role duties in order to keep the PMs job secure.

Overall compensation for your work

Program Manager will purchase lunches on occasion but offer little to no increase no matter how hard you work.

Workplace Safety

Dark dingy office will 80s type supplies and so much dust and dirt.

Office / Work Environment

Onsite in Dallas Client Offices.

Job Security

Contract work so every 3 - 5 years the contract is recompeted.

Company Culture

Company Image

Work-Life Balance

Handicapped Accessibility

Inclusive / Diverse

Environmental Friendliness


Attitude towards older colleagues

Support from management

Challenging Work

Internal Communication

Gender Equality

Freedom to work independently