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The following benefits are offered

No flex. working hours No parking Easy access to public transportation No stock or equity options No defined contribution plans/company 401(k) No onsite daycare facility No reimbursed daycare No ability to work remotely No desirable office location No tuition assistance No Paid Parental Leave No defined contribution company match/employer 401(k) match No flexible spending account No paid time off No healthcare (including vision and dental) No relocation allowance No life insurance

The following perks are offered

No on site cafeteria No meal or transportation allowance No health and wellness programs No employee discounts No vehicle allowance No employee events No dogs allowed No fitness center on site No company provided food and/or drink
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  • 12.Nov 2015
  • Employee

Support from management

The supervising staff has had many changes and by changes I mean MAJOR OVERHAULS. I been with tridian for months and in my short time I've had 3 supervisors!

Job Security

Honestly no ones job is safe. They will tell yu that in 3months you'll be hired on permanently they will say yu doing a good job! But dnt listen.. I've seen the best workers get fired! They have a turnover rate of 90% so that should tell yu a lot! I'm not bashing them jus states TRUE FACTS!

Suggestions for improvement

  • I suggest that tridian gets a stable staff! With different staffs come different work styles once we get use to the rules they change, and once we get use to the workflow it switches up! Stability is everything

What I like about the company

They say if yu don't have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all! So with that being said I'll leave this as is!

What I dislike about the company

There 90% turnover rate! There major overhauls, we went thru 3 different staffs along with the plant manager! Simply saying that NO ONES JOB IS SAFE

Support from management
Job Security
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