Uber: What's it like to work here?

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I have been able to work this job as a single mom for almost 3 years, and they are paying for my 4 year college.

FreelancerWorked at Uber in Seattle, WA at the time of review.

What I like

I love that they have meetings I can choose to attend if I want more information, they also have tutorials in app of something is ever unclear. They help me plan my week around promotions. And I am allowed to work as much or as little as I like, which as a single parent is phenomenal, as I can work when he is in school or when I have a sitter, but I don't have do to pay for daycare anymore, and I'm not worried about getting fired if I miss too many days due to sickness or injury or any other number of things that could come up. I was able to chose not to work when the snow got bad, and I was able to work 8 10-hour days after to still be able to pay my bills. Also, we are able to get paid every single day.

What I dislike

I feel that we have a lot of growth to make as a company that has a lot of negative light in the media, and that safety for drivers and passengers must be a priority moving forward.

Suggestions for improvement

Yearly or quarterly bonuses or better benefits to make drivers truly feel appreciated would be a huge start. I know most of us are concerned about retirement or missing days of work. As far as safety goes, I feel each passenger needs to have a photo in the app with their real name, as well as a profile that matches all potential riders, so if a mom orders her son a ride on her app, I see his name and photo.

Company Culture

We don't have many opportunities to meet other drivers.

Internal Communication

Emails, texts, and in app communication


All interactions I have had with other drivers and hub employees has been positive.

Work-Life Balance

I can work as many or as few hours as I need on a daily and weekly basis.

Support from management

Priority customer service and in person hubs make it easy to get any help we may need.

Freedom to work independently

All drivers work independently with minimal guidance.

Inclusive / Diverse

I feel like everyone has an equal opportunity to voice their thoughts.

Gender Equality

While safety for women could be improved, I have the opportunity to do all the things a man could.

Attitude towards older colleagues

All drivers are treated equal.

Office / Work Environment

My car, my comfort.

Environmental Friendliness

They encourage car pooling.

Handicapped Accessibility

The hubs are well designed.

Workplace Safety

There are still many things they could do to improve both driver and passenger safety. But I do see many positive changes regularly.

Overall compensation for your work

I get paid very well for only having graduated high school.

Job Security

We are the best option for many customers since public transportation is a disappointment in our city.

Company Image

I have been doing this almost 3 years and have no desire to ever do any other job.

Career Development

They offer free college for drivers.

Challenging Work

Balancing safety and customer service as well as keeping track of changes and regulations is very challenging, but very worthwhile.