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Ultimate Medical 

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Great place to grow your career!!! We all work endlessly to place our graduates in REAL jobs!!!

EmployeeWorked in Human resources/recruiting at Ultimate Medical Academy - Tampa in Tampa, FL at the time of review.

What I like

I enjoy the challenge and teamwork. I find that people have been very authentic and welcoming since starting a few months ago.

What I dislike

We need more bathrooms at MLK.

Suggestions for improvement

UMA needs to tell their story on what we do...….we get our graduate students real jobs.

Company Culture

The culture at UMA is that the work we do, no matter how small affects student outcomes....mainly getting graduates real jobs. Like any successful employee, its up to you as a new colleague to embrace the organization and develop meaningful relationships.

Internal Communication

I have experienced strong communications and appropriate updates .


My team is close. We depend on each other to be successful.

Work-Life Balance

There are long hours but, at the end of the day we serve our graduates!

Support from management

The team works closely together and has that entrepreneurial feel were you have runway to try new things to move the business forward.

Freedom to work independently

We are given the opportunity to drive projects and work as an individual but are held accountable for our outcomes.

Inclusive / Diverse

Beyond gender and ethnicity UMA has tremendous diversity from generational diversity (lots of millennials and now Gen Z), as well as Vets, and all diversity groups.

Attitude towards older colleagues

I am not sure if I am an older employee myself, though certainly not early in my career. Honestly hard to comment except that I have not observed any bias at all. We are a mix of everything her at UMA.

Office / Work Environment

We have 3 locations. Our Clearwater campus is very professional. This is our ground campus. We have two other locations. The one across from the Bucs training facility is Top notch class A office space. Our other location is scheduled for renovations over the next few months.

Environmental Friendliness

We have several ponds. I am not a big gator fan but, have only seen 1 in the last 6 months. DON'T FEED THE GATORS!!!

Workplace Safety

There are a number of employee training underway. Also our security team is very friendly.

Overall compensation for your work

UMA pays well for top talent!

Job Security

While I have heard mixed things prior to joining UMA, I can say that if you show up on time, work hard, build relationships, and do what you say, there are few things to worry about.

Company Image

I had heard that turnover was an issue when reading reviews prior to joining UMA. Now having been a colleague for several months, I can see that in most cases employees that show up late, have a bad attitude, and are here just for the wages are usually not successful. I would think that is true with any company though.

Challenging Work

Its not easy. Bring your A game.

Gender Equality

Handicapped Accessibility

Career Development