Ultimate Software: What's it like to work here?

Ultimate Software

The Ultimate Experience

EmployeeWorked in Research/development at Ultimate Software in Fort Lauderdale, FL at the time of review.

What I like

This is a truly great company, constantly striving to do its best for its employees and its clients. This company was built on its People First motto - and it's really more than a motto, it defines its culture.

What I dislike

I don't have any dislikes about Ultimate Software. As noted, there's always room to improve, but that doesn't mean anything's wrong.

Suggestions for improvement

The biggest areas for improvement is to continue to tackle the challenge of gender equality and to improve on published career paths for all employees.

Company Culture

Ultimate Software prides itself on its People First culture and does its best to live up to that every day. I've been provided the opportunity to work with some amazing people on some incredible projects. By being given the support needed and the opportunity to stretch myself and grow, I've managed to reach a new level in my career.

Internal Communication

There is plenty of communication, but occasionally too many channels to listen to.


Again, part of the People First attitude is how we do our work together.

Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance is always struggle, especially if you're not wired for it, but Ultimate Software tries to support us in this. They even encourage managers to remind their people to take time off - they're more concerned with us not taking enough PTO, not too much.

Support from management

I've had the pleasure of working for some of the best managers I've ever had.

Freedom to work independently

While we all need to pull together to accomplish things, individuals are given the space to do their work in the way that's best for them. Sometimes, we even can proposed and drive our own projects.

Inclusive / Diverse

Without a doubt, this is the most diverse company I've ever worked for - and where there may be room for improvement, the company is always striving to make the needed changes.

Gender Equality

As with inclusiveness and diversity, this is a corporate strength that is always being reviewed and improved upon.

Attitude towards older colleagues

Long-time employees are treated with respect for the knowledge they've built within the company. Older employees, whether long-tenured with Ultimate Software or not are respected for the industry knowledge they bring.

Office / Work Environment

I'm not a fan of the open floor plan model, but we make it work as best we can. The office spaces are nice, with all of the necessaries (like coffee stations). Also, the company does a great job of supporting remote workers.

Environmental Friendliness

In general, the company shows a concern for the environment, but our corporate offices are located in a city that doesn't mandate business recycling, so much goes into the waste instead.

Handicapped Accessibility

I'm not really qualified to answer on this, but my guess is that we're about average and could really work to improve in this area. I also believe those initiatives are already underway.

Workplace Safety

I've never been concerned about my safety at work.

Overall compensation for your work

I believe I am fairly compensated, but not in a way that puts me top of my class of work. Benefits are generous and help make up for any additional compensation I might want.

Job Security

A year ago this would have been a 5-star answer, but uncertain times take away a star.

Company Image

Ultimate Software is a well-respected name and the organization is a consistent award winner.

Career Development

I think the company does a good job at helping people in their career journey, but it's an area that could use a little more focus when it comes to career paths.

Challenging Work

The work is rarely mundane. It is often challenging and challenges me to keep growing.