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My workplace is excellent, good environment, modern facilities, good salary, and promotes good values to all

EmployeeWorked at Ultimate Software in Weston, FL at the time of review.

What I like

My company has allowed me to grow personally since I work with them, they have allowed me to achieve financial stability thanks to all the benefits they give to their employees in matters of insurance, vacation payments, training, among others. The work environment is excellent and that allows a good job to be guaranteed, its facilities are modern and teamwork is essential. Another of its benefits is that it encourages recycling, social equality and equal treatment for all.

What I dislike

I would like programs or improvements to facilities for people with disabilities to be made so that they feel more comfortable and comfortable in their workplace.

Suggestions for improvement

What would improve my company would be to encourage more employees to take courses in preparation for their careers or professional degrees, grant longer break times to avoid stress or fatigue at work and recreational activities more often on the part of management and employees to build trust.

Company Culture

The work environment is very good and I feel comfortable in the company.

Internal Communication

Meetings are often held to report problems or progress of the company's processes.


It strongly encourages companionship and teamwork through seminars, workshops and courses.

Work-Life Balance

The schedules are flexible and allow to have a good daily routine.

Support from management

In general, all departments are congratulated by management at the end of each month or when the objectives are reached.

Freedom to work independently

The company gives each worker enough space to develop a good job.

Inclusive / Diverse

This is something very important that is given in each department, listening to different opinions allows to do a good job.

Gender Equality

Yes, in the company we all have the same rights and benefits.

Attitude towards older colleagues

All employees are treated in a friendly manner regardless of their age, sex or religion.

Office / Work Environment

All offices have good facilities to work comfortably.

Environmental Friendliness

There are always talks on the benefits of collecting garbage and recycling, is one of the values ​​of the company.

Handicapped Accessibility

It offers benefits in terms of work and occupation but does not have the necessary spaces for these people to feel comfortable.

Workplace Safety

Often seminars and fire drills and first aid are held to be prepared.

Overall compensation for your work

I have a good job and I am covered by different insurance offered by my employer.

Job Security

I feel comfortable with the work I do and the benefits I offer the company

Company Image

For me it is a privilege to work in this company for everything that has helped me and allowed me to grow professionally.

Career Development

The company trains its employees through courses.

Challenging Work

It is a bit challenging because I have to keep the information of the company updated and protected through technological services.