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Great company to work for, with a great culture and good management

EmployeeWorked at Ultimate Software in Weston, FL at the time of review.

What I like

It's a great place to work, and I really trust my manager to look out for me.

What I dislike

The pay could be more equitable. They take great care of their employees, and managers and executives talk a great deal about how individual contributors are the ones who drive the company and create value. However, I'm only paid for about half of the value I create (though I want to note that this is a much higher percentage than most companies allow their workers to take home). Beyond higher pay, I think greater equity, behind simple bonuses, would be a great move forward for an already pretty great company.

Suggestions for improvement

I think more equity would lead to a stronger workplace culture. The 'work hard, play hard' mentality may work for some employees, but it's not that healthy. If we had less emphasis on rewarding 'high performers' and more emphasis on simply doing your job as well as possible (rather than as long as possible), I think that would be a great leap forward.

Company Culture

I love the team I work on, and the company as a whole has a positive and welcoming culture

Internal Communication

We receive adequate communications on what's happening with the company as a whole


Always looking for the best way to encourage collaboration

Work-Life Balance

Could be better -- unlimited PTO is a big plus, but practical limitations of my work mean I'm not comfortable taking time off very often

Support from management

My boss is always glad to help me out of I need support in dealing with a situation

Freedom to work independently

I work from home, and my manager trusts me to get my work done without looking over my shoulder every day

Inclusive / Diverse

We have a lot of interest groups aimed at inclusiveness and diversity

Gender Equality

Fairly equal distribution of men and women throughout the company at most levels, including executive

Attitude towards older colleagues

Age doesn't matter at all, whether you're 72 or 22

Office / Work Environment

I work from home

Environmental Friendliness

We have recycling containers in the office, but other than that I don't know what's being done to reduce carbon footprint

Handicapped Accessibility

Can't really comment on this personally, but my understanding is that any necessary accommodations are made

Workplace Safety

There are a number of comfortable offices around the country for those who don't work from home

Overall compensation for your work

I could probably make a higher salary somewhere else, but all in all, including intangible benefits, I feel I'm compensated fairly

Job Security

Company has never laid off an employee

Company Image

We're not saving lives, but I feel like for an office job this is as good as it gets

Career Development

There are a lot of growth opportunities, but they mostly involve moving into management

Challenging Work

Work is challenging but not usually taxing