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UNC Health 

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Working for this company so far has been life changing and i am so glad that i have gotten to work here

EmployeeWorked in Administration at University of North Carolina Hospitals in Chapel Hill, NC at the time of review.

What I like

MY time here has been completely amazin and i am soglad that i was blessed with the opportunity to work here with such great people and a great organization

What I dislike

the only part i think that kind ofstinks is that there is not enough parking for all of the people on campus

Suggestions for improvement

i would give everyone that works here free parking as well as a raise

Company Culture

I think the culture here is like family

Internal Communication

There are emails sent out all the time updating abut the campus


We do team building exercises and activities monthly

Work-Life Balance

work from 8-4 each day and home in time for dinner

Support from management

I receive a lot of support and i am encouraged to go to training

Freedom to work independently

This is very true of the company

Inclusive / Diverse

We value diversity to its fullest

Gender Equality

We are mostly women in my office so i would say they are very good about this

Attitude towards older colleagues

many of the women in my office are in there forties or later

Office / Work Environment

we have great chairs and airconditioning

Environmental Friendliness

this is done through recycling

Handicapped Accessibility

yes they do

Workplace Safety

we use shread it bins

Overall compensation for your work

I wish it was a little better

Company Image

i am proud of this as a i work very hard at what I do

Career Development

There is only one way up and i dont think that is going to happen

Challenging Work

There is a lot of paper work

Job Security