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UNC Health 

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It is stressful, yet repetitive. Management makes decisions but does not loop in the rest of the team. I...

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EmployeeWorked at UNC Health Care (Chapel Hill, NC / United States) in Morrisville, NC at the time of review.

What I like

Steady work week of 9-5:30, which one doesn't usually get in pharmacy or health care. My department receives weekends and holidays off, mainly because our supplier does not deliver on those days. My education level and years of experience are factored into my hourly wage.

What I dislike

The culture of favoritism, the lack of follow-through, and the inability to communicate effectively pertinent information as it relates to my job. There is an over-share of trivial information (ie, sports games, parking issues, job promotions within the department).

Suggestions for improvement

I would like to see better follow-through with promises, less favoritism, less back-stabbing, and less hostility within the workplace.

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