Universal Studios: What's it like to work here?

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I have had an overall great experience but sometimes it takes is hard to get positive results from certain departments.

EmployeeWorked at Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park in Universal City, CA at the time of review.

What I like

This company allows me to meet new people every day and also lets me experience the new attractions before the general public. I also get guest tickets every year that I can use for friends and family.

What I dislike

I disapprove of the Human Resources department. I know of a few strong cases against people that should end in termination of the employees but the HR department has done nothing so far besides having coaching with said team members. I believe that if a person has more than five complaints against them, they should be immediately terminated and not "talked to".

Suggestions for improvement

I would change how certain things are done. If someone has more than five H.R. complaints against them (from different people), I would immediately terminate the employee he complaints are against. I would also change some of the products we sell (such as mail-able items) to make it easier for international guest can mail a letter home without buying a pack of ten that they will never use again. I would also add themed water misters into certain areas so that both guests and employees alike can cool down in the hot summer days and a few heater spots for the colder days.

Office / Work Environment

Some of the uniforms are unsuitable for extreme cold/hot weather conditions.

Company Culture

Internal Communication


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Inclusive / Diverse

Gender Equality

Attitude towards older colleagues

Environmental Friendliness

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