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Employee Satisfaction

    • 3.7Overall compensation for your work
    • 3.2Job Security
    • 4.0Company Image
    • 3.4Career Development
    • 3.8Challenging Work
    • 3.8Company Culture
    • 3.5Internal Communication
    • 3.8Teamwork
    • 3.8Work-Life Balance
    • 3.7Support from management
    • 4.1Freedom to work independently
    • 3.8Office / Work Environment
    • 4.0Environmental Friendliness
    • 4.0Handicapped Accessibility
    • 4.2Workplace Safety
    • 4.0Inclusive / Diverse
    • 4.0Gender Equality
    • 4.1Attitude towards older colleagues

Companies are rated on kununu across 18 unique factors that fall into 4 categories. Since 2014, 244 employees and candidates rated this company with an average of 3.8 points.

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Benefits & Perks

Here are the most voted perks & benefits as confirmed by 241 employees in their reviews.

  • 401(k)401(k)
  • ParkingParking
  • Vision and dental healthcareVision and dental healthcare
  • Employee discountsEmployee discounts
  • Paid time offPaid time off
  • On-site CafeteriaOn-site Cafeteria
  • 401(k) Company Match401(k) Company Match
  • Life insuranceLife insurance
  • Stock or equity optionsStock or equity options
  • Health and wellness programsHealth and wellness programs
  • Flexible working hoursFlexible working hours
  • Flexible spending accountFlexible spending account
  • Ability to work remotelyAbility to work remotely
  • Tuition assistanceTuition assistance
  • On-site fitness centerOn-site fitness center
  • Employee eventsEmployee events
  • Paid Parental leavePaid Parental leave
  • Desirable office locationDesirable office location
  • Vehicle allowanceVehicle allowance
  • Free snacks and drinksFree snacks and drinks
  • Easy access to public transportationEasy access to public transportation
  • Free mealsFree meals
  • Relocation allowanceRelocation allowance
  • Reimbursed daycareReimbursed daycare
  • Pet-friendlyPet-friendly

What employees say

Employees like

I was able to concentrate on my position with little oversight. That is, my abilities were assumed. Understand that I was a contractor with a focused mission.
Philips allows for flexible work schedules.
My job requires various areas of knowledge and they provide to the point and accurate training to perform the duties that are expected.
My team is like family to me. We also get free bagels every Friday and Summer Fridays meaning that we can leave work at 1PM
Learned so much from the other staff and felt like my contributions were always considered and thought of as meaningful.
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Employees don't like

Like I said, the contractors are required to park on the street. Incentive for going to work early, but a real pain if you're a little later.
Top of the line products but offices don’t care about toothbrushes and whitening.
I wanted to be hired permanently and still on contract after nearly 2 years.
The company seems to always be in trouble doing frequent cutbacks and layoffs and cost cutting to make the job harder to do within the parameters offered
I currently don't disapprove of anything at my current job. I love everything about where I work and I have no complaints about any of it.
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Suggestions for improvement

Make contracts shorter and guarantee permanent position after 6 months if employee is on good terms.
Longer paid time off for the birth of a child. Daycare reimbursement.
Allow contractor parking in the lot rather than on the street.
Do a better job of supporting outgoing employees due to layoffs, reorgs, etc. They seem to not be supportive of these long time employees, and dont do enough to find ways to utilize the knowledge base and talent that they have grown during tenure. Its a shame, they seem to not care about the loss of great talent.
Pay raises are subpar and promotions slow. Lateral move opportunities are also not abundant.
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Best and worst factors

Best rated: Workplace Safety


The best rated factor of Philips is Workplace Safety with 4.2 points (based on 25 reviews).

Safety signs posted; mandatory safety policy training. They take this very seriously and encourage employees to report any safety hazards for immediate solutions.
Great response by the CRT team and a good emphasis on communication and training.
They take safety incredibly serious where you can not just solder for example. You need multiple permissions to do so.
Spills are cleaned up quickly, everyone is very conscious about safety.
Safety here is very strict and is always on everyone's mind.
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Worst rated: Job Security


The worst rated factor of Philips is Job Security with 3.2 points (based on 51 reviews).

Long term contract with no guarantee of permanent position
Anyone in a contracting position is vulnerable. I can be released at any time if the program I'm working on is cut back or removed all together. I don't feel I have a formal grace period (as a contractor) to plan accordingly if I was ever to be released. I would prefer to know they would need to provide a 30 day notice....or at least 2 weeks -- similar to what I know they would want from me due to ...
As a contractor I have been employed for one year. During that year I have been told on three separate occasions that they were not going to renew my contract. Luckily they changed their mind all three times but the constant fear of having to find a new job is taking it's toll.
no one gives this anymore....
Being temporary doesn't have security at all. They will try and take advantage of you as a temp as long as they can. They won't lift their good employees up. They only hired medoicore people in place where worthy people should have a role.
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Career Development

Career Development rating


Career Development is rated with an average of 3.4 points (based on 37 reviews).

Tuition reimbursement is great, there are lots of ways that they support growth and development.
From a design point of view the design cycle is way to shorts compared to the time it takes to get into production and so it has been years since I have done a new design,. I feel my skill s are deteriorating from lack of design activity. I am gaining skills in Verification and Validation of hardware, but prefer design.
Contract employee - I can't access the internal job postings. Would be nice to see what is available to continue my career with the company.
It has been repeatedly made clear that they will do nothing to help me advance my career. Again they stand behind the statement that is corporate policy regarding contractors.
Employees get skills development training (lean management/project management), but contractors do not have access to this training.
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Company Culture

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