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Veterans Administration Medical 

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Best job I ever had. Work/life balance is great. Pay is average but acceptable. Love caring and engaging with the vetera

EmployeeWorked in Administration at Veterans Administration of Medical Center in Walla Walla, WA at the time of review.

What I like

Love working with the veterans. Almost all my coworkers are extremely helpful. Work/life balance is great.

What I dislike

It's a hospital setting. Much could and should be changed but I'm sure the same goes for any hospital.

Suggestions for improvement

Better vetting of candidates.

Internal Communication

In the environment I work it is crucial so there is excellent communication


It is crucial and encouraged daily

Work-Life Balance

Only job I ever had that was 40 hrs, end of shift you go home no matter what.

Support from management

Management and coworkers not management but above my position.

Freedom to work independently

Most employees can. A few who cannot

Inclusive / Diverse

It is encouraged "if you hear that's how it's always been done to question it" they want diverse opinions

Gender Equality

Men, women, young, old, ex military, non military. It's a wide variety

Attitude towards older colleagues

I was hired with a gentleman in his 60s

Office / Work Environment

Love the environment. Both physically and mentally

Environmental Friendliness

Not encouraged but plenty of opportunities to recycle

Handicapped Accessibility

It's a VA hospital. Of course it's handicap accessible

Workplace Safety

Encourages it. Not much training involved

Overall compensation for your work

The pay is average to slightly above average for the area

Company Image

I love my job and helping veterans

Career Development

Plenty of opportunities to move within the company. Depending on the job on how far you can go in each position.

Company Culture

Job Security

Challenging Work