Virtua: What's it like to work here?

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My experience with the company is excellent. I would recommend Virtua to any person inquiring about a job in healthcare

EmployeeWorked at Virtua-West Jersey Health System, Inc. in Camden, NJ at the time of review.

What I like

The positive I experienced at my workplace is all the help I have been given. The staff is very helpful and caring to others. Everyone works independently when the time comes but they are also right there to step in when you need help. The management is very flexible when it comes to time off to take care of your personal life

What I dislike

I don’t really disapprove of anything but I would like to see the company give the employees a better compensation. I think we all deserve it because it is a larger company and we do a lot to make sure our patients are happy and that they are looking forward to coming back. We need more training and help becoming a better and stronger practice to help patients visits more enjoyable and comfortable

Suggestions for improvement

The only thing I would suggest is more literature and entertainment for the patients to enjoy while waiting for their appointment. You should be able to be more comfortable and not keep looking at the clock or dreading the wait time.

Company Culture

Definitely important

Internal Communication

Very communicative


Everyone works extremely well together

Work-Life Balance

Always flexible with hours

Support from management

I always receive support and help

Freedom to work independently

Everyone work independently for the most part

Inclusive / Diverse

The company is very diverse

Gender Equality

Everyone is treated equally

Attitude towards older colleagues

Everyone is treated the same

Office / Work Environment

Environment is comfortable and welcoming

Environmental Friendliness

Very concerned about the environment and keeping it clean and smoke free

Handicapped Accessibility

There are multiple handicap accessible entrances

Workplace Safety

Environment is very safe

Overall compensation for your work

It’s pretty fair compared to other companies

Company Image

Very proud to be employed by this company

Career Development

You can’t really grow with opportunities but you can learn to do better at your job

Challenging Work

I’ve learned to make it easier

Job Security