wacker: What's it like to work here?

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Warehouse or Assembly? Please dont work here if you like yourself. DO YOURSELF THE FAVOR AND JUST DONT.

Not recommended
Former EmployeeWorked in Distribution/sales at Wacker Neuson Corporation in Menomonee Falls, WI.

What I like


What I dislike

Everything except the vending machines

Suggestions for improvement

The whole upper management team needs to be replaced with people who aren't afraid to work themselves when we get busy and that cant treat others as human beings.

Internal Communication

There's no communication. The supervisors on floor had no idea what was going on. Nine times out of ten I had to ask my other coworkers. I would be asked to do 5 different tasks at once. You were not told where inventory went or what department was where, you literally had to figure it out for yourself.


There are select handfuls of people on the warehouse floor that will help you. Otherwise prepare yourself for snarky, snide comments or just blank stares when you try to ask a question.

Support from management

There was absolutely zero support from management. I've never been so taken aback by the complete utter disrespect that I was shown by my supervisors.

Gender Equality

If you are a female and are applying for a warehouse/assembly line position I highly suggest that you either reconsider or prepare yourself for sexual harassment. (Even though the company says they don't tolerate it, they don't do anything about it)

Attitude towards older colleagues

They treat older, veteran (more experienced with the company) colleagues like they can't do no harm and let them get away with everything.

Office / Work Environment

From having my 2 supervisors have a screaming match during the morning meeting in front of all of my coworkers, to being sexually harrassed every day I just walked down the aisle, to having little space to find room for new inventory and to do my job, and to be micromanaged to the point where I was working so fast that my safety was not the main focus anymore should all justify why I gave this one star.

Environmental Friendliness

Tried to make a few friends with my coworkers which quickly turned into sexual harassment from them. Which made me feel like literally every girl on the warehouse floor is viewed as "just a piece of ...". You get the just.

Workplace Safety

I was constantly pushed past my limit and urged to work faster when it was physically impossible due to A FORKLIFT IS SET TO A SPECIFIC SPEED. I started bumping into everything around me because I was focusing on speed. Not only that but a top-heavy cart fell on top of me because I was pushing it down a slope and trying to go as fast as I could. I had bruises and hurt for 2 months after the fact.

Company Image

If it wasn't for corporate and the sales/marketing team this company would look like the absolute crap it is

Company Culture

Work-Life Balance

Freedom to work independently

Inclusive / Diverse

Handicapped Accessibility

Overall compensation for your work

Job Security

Career Development

Challenging Work