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better work culture, better pay than surrounding hospitals with potential for yearly bonus based on yearly goals.

EmployeeWorked at Wakemed Health and Hospitals in Raleigh, NC at the time of review.

What I like

More supportive company culture than surrounding hospitals, potential for WakeShare yearly - which is a bonus employees receive if the institution meets financial and other goals, do not have to pay for parking like at the university hospitals, Many units allow for self scheduling, The pay is better than other area hospitals, many opportunities for advanced training/classes, the benefits are pretty good with 3% 401K match.

What I dislike

Staffing ratios for nurses and aides to patients is unrealistic. There is not enough help to go around to properly take care of patients and for staff to not get burned out. The pace on units is usually very hectic, with little chance for a break.

Suggestions for improvement

I would have no more than 4 patients per nurse on day shift, and have no more than 5 patients per aide on day shift. This would help significantly in staffing and patient satisfaction. I would have built in policies for staggered lunch breaks with mandatory coverage so everyone can get a well deserved break. This would reduce Nurse burnout.

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