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Walgreens has led the way in retail pharmacy for decades. Each store is filled with fine, caring folks.

EmployeeWorked at walgreens san diego, ca in San Diego at the time of review.

What I like

The local employees.

What I dislike

Corporates aloofness about real issues, the shareholders bottom line seems to take precedence over good customer service.

Suggestions for improvement

Really listening to the employees, don't just stop by in your suits and glad hand, listen, allow for help in busy stores, don't ignore the pleas as most of us are sincere and not whining for the heck of it.

Company Culture

Corporate decides culture, but local stores define it.

Internal Communication

There could be a better balance of understanding the store issues at the top.


Every store I have worked in ( about 25 total) has well trained staff that are eager to help each other.

Work-Life Balance

Sometimes the scheduling, especially since Corporate is trying to phase out humans does not allow for a life.

Support from management

Local management has their hands tied with corporate ideas, but they do a great job of staying true to their employees.

Freedom to work independently

Especially in Pharmacy, the need to flow as a team supersedes the individual's desire to work independently.

Inclusive / Diverse

Every store I have worked has been completely inclusive of all people, ethnicity, religion, physical ability!

Gender Equality

If negotiated properly, the employee of any gender can make the same as another gender.

Attitude towards older colleagues

Locally, great, corporate sometimes feels as though they want the older ones out to allow for more digital employees.

Office / Work Environment

Corporate has not listened about chemical inhalants in the ceiling, or the countertop heights, the slow computers for decades. The original computer program for the pharmacy was miles ahead of other companies, now they are less than equal to the best.

Environmental Friendliness

Depends on the city and state, most locales won't let stores or pharmacies recycle bottles or products, some only allow cardboard.

Handicapped Accessibility

This is not necessarily the companies fault as the ADA has set the requirements and sometimes they just don't fit the needs of stores, employees or customers with disabilities.

Workplace Safety

Walgreens has regular instruction reminders and required video watching for safety procedures.

Overall compensation for your work

It used to be better, they dropped bonuses and won't allow honest reviews, everyone gets below average.

Job Security

It's good in the states that mandate job security.

Company Image

Used to be better, now they are more worried about "branding" and cosmetics.

Career Development

If the individual pushes it the company will help.

Challenging Work

In the Pharmacy yes.