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Great revenue, lousy benefits

Not recommended
EmployeeWorked in Distribution/sales at walmart in Billings at the time of review.

What I like

It's a job

What I dislike


Suggestions for improvement

Stop enabling the customer. We wait on them hand and foot and they still feel like they deserve more and treat the employees like dirt.

Company Culture

Willing to hire anyone wanting a job which leads to many lazy employees.

Internal Communication

Rumors spread faster than internal communication


Most employees form pacts and watch each others backs. They have to, management does none of this.

Work-Life Balance

Always short handed and over worked. Spend your off days in bed catching up on well needed sleep.

Support from management

Immediate management is good, corporate management is the worse

Freedom to work independently

No one even knows what your doing.

Inclusive / Diverse

None of that

Gender Equality

No problem there.

Attitude towards older colleagues

No problem there.

Office / Work Environment

Always in disarray

Environmental Friendliness

They really dont care

Handicapped Accessibility

Could do better

Workplace Safety

Your on your own

Overall compensation for your work

For what this company takes in, the insurance is terrible, pay is one of the worst and other compensations are just as bad.

Job Security

Watch your back

Company Image

Also known as "Wally World", its where the low life hangs out at.

Career Development

What career?

Challenging Work

Not much challenge babying customers.