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Great Company

EmployeeWorked at Walmart San Angelo Texas in San Angelo, TX at the time of review.

What I like

I love the helpful culture. Love my pay. Even as part time, my benefits aren't terrible, but I would enjoy a higher hourly wage to make up for my lack of vacation time and lack of health benefits associated with my job. I love that everything is fairly organized, you have a clear cut idea of what you're doing, and that assignments are clear and easy to follow through on as long as I put my mind to it.

What I dislike

I dislike that Walmart is stingy about hiring. I dislike that those are expected to pick up the slack are liable for things going wrong when literally everything can be solved by proper hiring. I dislike that communication seems to be a problem for this large corporation when it needs to be and that ASM's are allowed to be rude to employees with no consequences from Store Managers, with the excuse that 'everyone has a bad day.'

Suggestions for improvement

I would suggest that Walmart not be so stingy about the hiring. The hiring process is already pretty thorough, so it doesn't make sense to crack down on amount of employees hired if the process is already so bottle necked. Management needs to communicate properly between each other and the employees, and Walmart changes need to be presented at weekly meetings.

Company Culture

The culture is great. Friendly, helpful, and upbeat. Most of the time, people are happy to be at work, and if they aren't, they're cheered up by their fellow employees that take the time to crack jokes or to give them a genuine smile.

Internal Communication

So this is where the company falls short. Management tends to be disjointed and the left hand often doesn't know what the right hand is doing. When managers bleed into each other's sections for teamwork purposes, changes in directions causes confusion in the employees. Walmart's ever changing rules, employee guidelines, and the constant changes from Asset Protection are poorly communicated and result often in employee write ups, not due to employee incompetence, but rather because of poor communication from the top.


This is a company that prides itself in team work. Excluding management, you can ask any employee for help with a task, and they will assist you. If you are assigned a task that's not completed, you can always ask your department manager, and your department manager will assist you with no complaints. For the most part, teamwork here is excellent. Upper management is overworked and often complains about having to help - so best to stick to associates when needing assistance.

Work-Life Balance

Work life balance is iffy. They often split your days off. Also, their attendance policy is extremely strict, and they don't accept doctor's notes. It's also not a company that's friendly towards associates that may have health problems or are single parents. If you're planning on having a very balanced life with your job, this probably isn't the company for you. Since the company is all about the bottom line, they tend to ignore hiring and favor overworking the employees that they already have. You need to check your schedule every day as it changes so they can make sure they have coverage. If you are healthy, aren't super stressed about family time, and you love money, this is a good job for you.

Support from management

So, the department manager and the Assistant Store Manager I deal with are very responsive, helpful, and fun to work with. The other parts of the store seem stressed, overworked, and seem bitter about being involved in any sort of team work outside of their respective sections. Support from management outside of your department will be iffy at best, and expect to be waiting 20 minutes for a manager to assist you with any type of void or refund if your immediate managers are unavailable. Again, this is an issue directly related to the hiring and maintaining of a full work force - which is not an incident isolated to my Walmart.

Freedom to work independently

The freedom to get your job done without micromanagement is something I particularly enjoy at this job. You get assignments, and you are sent to finish them, and then, when you are done, you ask for a walk through from a manager (be ready to wait that 20 minutes!) But once your walk through is done and your tasks are completed, you move on to the next one. Micromanagement is not part of this company's culture, and I, for one, appreciate that immensely.

Inclusive / Diverse

Incredibly diverse hiring and employee base. They are LGBTQ+ friendly, do not hire favoring gender, and they have a rich and diverse cultural spread of employees from African American to foreign students who need a job while they're here. It's an impressive company.

Gender Equality

They are extremely transparent about their pay. Women and men do not get paid differently with this company, and they both enjoy the same rights, benefits, and work environment. Walmart has it down perfectly when it comes to gender equality.

Attitude towards older colleagues

Going more into the previous two, age is not an issue when getting hired at Walmart. Older colleagues are treated with respect and understanding - and they are given the same treatment as all employees.

Office / Work Environment

So, in my particular part of the store, we work out in an area exposed to the elements. This could be mediated a bit, but in favor of electricity bills, they tend to stick to being minimalist about keeping the employees comfortable while they perform a grueling job. I would say that this is an issue of the corporation caring more about the bottom line than they do the comfort and well being of their employees.

Environmental Friendliness

I doubt there are companies that do more for the environment than Walmart does. They work hard at making sure that everything that can be recycled IS recycled with strict company policies and spill maintenance. With ways to recycle car batteries, used oil, metals, boxes, plastics, and even old, broken fixtures, this company is undoubtedly at the top of the list for companies that work hard to be sustainable.

Handicapped Accessibility

Walmart is extremely handicap accessible and they pride themselves on being helpful to those who might need that extra hand. They go the extra mile to make sure that everyone has a good experience shopping there.

Workplace Safety

Asset Protection is in charge of store safety and sets up a team of safety experts in the store to make sure employees are doing their best to be safe. Walmart provides safe box cutters, back braces for stockers, and safety glasses for those who work in areas that require them. They might even be a little obsessive about safety, but Walmart understands that the less workplace injuries there are, the less money they have to pay out.

Overall compensation for your work

Walmart pays far more over minimum wage for their starting positions, which is great! Though, the jobs are grueling and often specialized and require training - which warrants a bit more than what they actually pay. However, you have a chance at raises, requesting proper compensation, and their benefits are excellent. Part time, however, might find that the hourly and benefits combined are not appropriate for their job requirements. Part time gets significantly less compensation in benefits than full time does, and Walmart almost never hires anyone at full time.

Job Security

If you do your job, don't complain, and show up to work on time, then you'll have no problem with job security. It's very hard to get fired from Walmart if you do your assignments and come to work.

Company Image

Am I proud to work for Walmart? Sure. Their hiring process is thorough, and if you get through it, it means that they think you're part of one of the most dedicated and hardest working employee groups in the United States. Wish they had a better image and sometimes treated their employees with all the benefits that they deserve, but compared to other companies, Walmart does far more for their employees than other corporations.

Career Development

This place has major ability to move up in the ranks if you are so inclined. It's optional to become management, but if you're driven and a go-getter, this is definitely a good place for you to work. They teach you a lot of valuable things for your career, you get free training in a lot of things, such as workplace awareness, safety training, even social and empathy training.

Challenging Work

Walmart will push you to your limits. They see potential when they hire employees, and they will keep you engaged and interested in what you're doing as long as you're mindful about it. You want a challenge? Ask for one. They will assign you work that will keep you on your toes.