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Walt Disney 

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Truly Magical Career

EmployeeWorked at Disney in Tampa, FL at the time of review.

What I like

Amazing opportunity, benefits, perks !

What I dislike


Suggestions for improvement

Nothing, best Company in the World!

Company Culture

If you don't love what you're doing, where else can you stay in the same company and choose between dozens of other career options

Internal Communication



Can't succeed any other way

Work-Life Balance

So many ways to improve your work through life and life through work

Support from management

As long as you follow the rules all is great, this is not a company for rebels or anarchist

Freedom to work independently

Depends greatly on role in the company

Inclusive / Diverse

Every heritage, background, race, orientation are welcomed and loved here !

Gender Equality

Absolutely! We even have gay days and pride month and merchandise!

Attitude towards older colleagues

Love our snow birds, couldn't do it without them .

Office / Work Environment

Team and labor of love

Environmental Friendliness

We actually recycle on property, run 2 parks entirely on solar power, turn food scraps into fuel and compost

Handicapped Accessibility

For both guests and cast !

Workplace Safety

Number 1 priority!

Overall compensation for your work

Options are endless and free higher education!

Job Security

We keep moving forward, we will never be done !

Company Image

It's Disney! Pinnacle of guest service industry!

Career Development

Free higher education!

Challenging Work

As challenging as you want ! Try something new or continue in a role you know .