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Walt Disney 

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I would like to see management reward excellent in performance as well as potential.

EmployeeWorked at Disney in Lake Buena Vista, FL at the time of review.

What I like

Disney is a great, entertaining and exciting place to work. The pay reflects this.

What I dislike

The low pay scale and slow advancement or opporrunities

Suggestions for improvement

Increase pay across the board and look for and reward excellent performance

Company Culture

There is a very positive work environment

Internal Communication

Management is slow to reward excellence.


People work well in front of others but there have been unresolved thefts from our unmonitored break areas

Work-Life Balance

Ployees do there job but there is always iversite

Support from management

Some managers are better than others

Freedom to work independently

Once trained employees work with lesser supervisiom

Inclusive / Diverse

It's our way in front of others free to be whatever away from workplace

Gender Equality

Equal pay for all. No excellence Incentive

Attitude towards older colleagues

Age is a nonfactor

Office / Work Environment

Safety is first.

Environmental Friendliness

Recycling is gaining even more momentum

Handicapped Accessibility

Handicap friendly

Workplace Safety

Rarely an accident but they do happen.

Overall compensation for your work

As long as I do my job, I'm stable.

Company Image

I am capable of more

Career Development

No clear path to advancement

Challenging Work

I am far more qualities than Iis needed to do my job.

Job Security