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Walt Disney 

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I found Disney to be an employer who offers many opportunities to learn and grow within the company.

Former EmployeeWorked at Disneyland Ca in Anaheim, CA.

What I like

I had the opportunity to train and move into many different positions during my career with Disney. In doing so I got to experience the pride and excitement of being a part of many special events and company achievements. I met and worked alongside some truly great people.

What I dislike

I feel resort seniority hurt consistency and quality of work in various areas. There was more pride in ownership of smaller employee groups and a more personally satisfying experience, ex: company willingness to accommodate college student availability.

Suggestions for improvement

I would encourage negotiating for area seniority.

Company Culture

This company really works to instill a sense of teamwork and pride in its employees. The job can be demanding but the incentives are equally valuable.

Internal Communication

I do believe the company works to consistently communicate goings on with its employees.


The company gives a lot of on going training and opportunities to grow and become great communicators.

Work-Life Balance

I think work life balance could be improved. Willingness to work with employee needs and requests has diminished over recent years.

Support from management

Most of the time I found managers to be receptive and supportive.

Freedom to work independently

A lot of effort is put into training and teaching image so I believe they trust employees to do the right thing.

Inclusive / Diverse

I experienced many opportunities to contribute ideas and give feedback to upper management.

Gender Equality

I truly believe Disney works to be an equal opportunity employer. I worked under many truly inspiring women.

Attitude towards older colleagues

I think older employees are treated well, I worked with many.

Office / Work Environment

Facilities were often upgraded to ensure the best working conditions for employees.

Environmental Friendliness

Disney has been making strides in better practices for the good of the environment.

Handicapped Accessibility

I also observed accommodations for handicapped employees.

Workplace Safety

A lot of work goes into safety training and execution of best practices.

Overall compensation for your work

I do think the pay should be better for middle management. Many great people turn down positions because the pay is not very competitive.

Job Security

I did feel my position was somewhat stable after I achieved a certain amount of seniority.

Company Image

I was quite proud to work for Disney for 16 years and only left when I moved and the commute was unreasonable.

Career Development

There are many opportunities for growth in this company and they really do invest in the continued training of employees.

Challenging Work

Because the resort has grown so much there is a lot of effort needed to get in and out of the resort with traffic and construction delays the norm. The job is all about service so the days can be challenging constantly working to ensure guest satisfaction.