Wyndham Hotels & Resorts: What's it like to work here?

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This company allowed too many immediate family members to work closely together so they always covered for each other.

Not recommended
Former EmployeeWorked at Wyndham in Pensacola Beach, FL.

What I like

It was fun to meet and talk with the tourists who came from all over the world

What I dislike

Housekeeping had too many conflicts of interest

Suggestions for improvement

I would not let family hire other family members

Company Culture

The people I worked with are all related so the managers promote their family members give them the best assignments etc

Internal Communication

Only certaain people were given opportunity to talk to management


They encouraged is to keep our mouths shut and don't bring anything to their attention bcuz if you made them have to address issues with other workers they chewed us out too

Work-Life Balance

They did ok with giving us all as much time off as we neede

Support from management

Management did not support ud

Freedom to work independently

They left us alone prety much but expected is to cut cornerswhwn cleaning do we wouldn't be in a room linger than 20 or 15 minutes no matter how bad the room was

Inclusive / Diverse

No they did not want youte opinion

Gender Equality

It was mostly women. Working there

Attitude towards older colleagues

They expected older employees to move as fast as the young onesees

Office / Work Environment

Quite often we were out of supplies

Environmental Friendliness

No they threw tons of aluminum cans in the trash every day and would not let any women take them home to turn in bcuz it looked trashy for women to do that they said

Handicapped Accessibility

They did cat e to

Workplace Safety

They did have safety training

Overall compensation for your work

One employee would mess with our timesheetsxthry knew it and just said they told her to stop. She didn't stopp

Job Security

They always threatened to fire us

Company Image

I hated working for them

Career Development

There was no room to move up bcuz they promoted only family members

Challenging Work

It was physically challenging because cleaning up after people on vacation they just don't care what kind if mess they make