yale new have hosptial: What's it like to work here?

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I enjoy working for the company. They make me feel like a welcome part of the team and like a make a difference .

EmployeeWorked at Yale-New Haven Hospital, Inc. in New Haven, CT at the time of review.

What I like

All of my coworkers are extremely helpful and willing to help out in my both work and personal life when needed. There is a real sense of community and commodity. I know that through this job I have made friends for life. There is always opportunity to grow and change departments as your individual needs and desires change .

What I dislike

The parking situation needs to be a lot better. I have to schedule 20 minutes into my commute just to make sure I catch the shuttle from the employee parking lot to the hospital .

Suggestions for improvement

There should be referral bonus pay and they need to remedy the parking situation by setting set times and schedules of arrival and departure .

Company Culture

There are a lot of committees and people work together and have each other’s back . I’m always being asked by coworkers if I need anything and people are more then happy to help rearrange schedules to help out.

Internal Communication

There are weekly email communications from the bosses regarding events of the week and improvements.


There is a lot of non disciplinary reporting options to keep people honest , there is 2 person accountability and med sign off

Work-Life Balance

They provide different types of schedules depending on need . Some people with Monday - Friday , I work 3 12 hour days, some people work 4 8 hour days

Support from management

My managers are supportive and help fix schedule conflicts

Freedom to work independently

There are regulations and guidelines about every little detail of every little task .

Inclusive / Diverse

There are a lot of committees and votes for practice changes that make employees feel involved and heard

Gender Equality

Both of my managers are women and their manager is also a women. Two of which are women of color.

Attitude towards older colleagues

We have employees from 21-65 on my unit and all are treated equally .

Office / Work Environment

It is always cold inside .

Environmental Friendliness

There are some recycling bins in the cafeteria but not by unit garbages or anywhere else .

Handicapped Accessibility

There are multiple elevators and handicap bathrooms .

Workplace Safety

There are a lot of safety equipment available , however our employee injury rate is high due to the supplies not always being available or fitting in the room.

Overall compensation for your work

I am not paid as much as my friends in other hospitals

Company Image

They are a big and leading name that makes me proud

Career Development

They encourage climbing up the professional ladder and I’ve attended many training sessions for free

Challenging Work

I work on a floor with a high level of a acuity and we are often short staffed. I rarely have the time to sit down and eat

Job Security