yale new have hosptial: What's it like to work here?

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The nursing staff were incredibly supportive of each other and had a high caliber of knowledge. Management needs work.

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Former EmployeeWorked at Yale-New Haven Hospital, Inc. in New Haven, CT.

What I like

The nursing staff were very knowledgeable and worked very well together. In my experience they had a very high level of care and compassion for their patients and reaching underserved populations. The physicians were also very supportive, encouraging, and worked appropriately with the nursing staff. Yale has a high level of professionalism when it comes to the medical staff on the floor who are actually taking care of patients directly.

What I dislike

I feel that a lot of areas of management need to re-evaluate methods for retaining staff. By limiting the ability to take time off and limiting the ability to request certain schedule needs (switching shifts, requesting a specific day of the week off), nurses are leaving for other employment. I feel that an electronic scheduling system as well as a more human approach to understanding requests/needs would go a long way towards retention of nurses, PCAs, and even mid-levels within the facility.

Suggestions for improvement

I would like to see staff no longer be required to pay for parking ($50+ per month currently). I would also like to see more flexibility within the work environment in regards to scheduling requests, and most importantly I would like to see consistent shifts for nurses. Currently the floor nurses are on variable day/night schedules that get flipped without any pattern. It is unhealthy, exhausting, and dangerous. I feel that having set day shift positions and set night shift positions would draw nurses to them based on genuinely wanting those shifts and help nurses maintain a healthier sleep/wake pattern outside of work.

Company Culture

Colleagues were supportive and generally worked well together to take care of patients and families

Work-Life Balance

Management is unnecessarily strict about using leave time, and will sometimes make it impossible for staff to take off time, even for family. personal weddings, or even switching shifts with co-workers.

Support from management

Management tended to be flaky and forget about discussions, coversations, etc related to staff support. Management tended to not know how to do floor nursing on their own units and had a very hands-off approach. A lot of micromanaging also happened which made it feel like you were not cared about as an employee, just another number to work there.

Challenging Work

Nursing is challenging no matter where you are working. Yale was more challenging because they are very stingy with allowing time off and have strict rules about using leave time.

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