yale new have hosptial: What's it like to work here?

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The nurses are wonderful and caring but management is overly critical/controlling. Hard to balance work/life.

Not recommended
Former EmployeeWorked at Yale New Haven Hospital in New Haven, CT.

What I like

The nursing staff is very high quality and strive to provided top care to their patients. Physicians, especially residents and fellows, are respectful and generally very good to each other and their nursing staff. The pay is comparable to other nursing jobs and the environment is up-to-date and inviting to work in.

What I dislike

Management often micromanages employees seemingly related to budgeting (ex staff are required to wait until 7 minutes before their shift starts to clock in), scheduling is terrible, and employees must pay to park at least $52/month. Many floors require staff to alternate weekends and staff are not permitted to request these weekends off for any reason. Staff are also required to rotate shifts, often nights/days in the same week, until they have achieved seniority within the system (which, I was told, may take up to 8-10 years). Because of these restrictions there are often many call outs leaving the floors chronically short-staffed with continuous turnover. I was very disappointed in this antiquated system, especially in a hospital that boasts magnet-level status.

Suggestions for improvement

I highly recommend removing rotating shifts and the required weekend rotations. Instead, I'd like to see day shift, night shift, and weekend shift-specific positions, or an opportunity to share the workload with more emphasis on allowing staff to have a quality of life outside of work. I'd also like to see management relax when staff need a day off for a doctor appointment, etc.

Company Culture

Staff are professional and passionate about their work, and the doctor-nurse culture is very positive and healthy

Internal Communication

There are good support systems in place to praise staff, but not all management utilizes them and some areas have better encouragement than others

Work-Life Balance

All nurses in the main hospital are on rotating shifts and it's very difficult to request time off, therefore, there are a lot of call outs and floors are often short-staffed

Freedom to work independently

Medical staff are relatively autonomous in general, but management here seems to be trained to micromanage employees related to the system's bottom line

Challenging Work

As a clinic nurse the work was not nearly as challenging as floor nursing


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