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Yokowo America 

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My company has given me an incredible opportunity and I have gained a vast amount of knowledge. I...

EmployeeWorked at Yokowo America Corporation in Hilliard, OH at the time of review.

What I like

stable environment.
I have the freedom to come to work before my shift technically starts and get prepared for my day. It is usually a very calm work place. There are not that many distractions. I am given the freedom to work independently to achieve my daily goals and priorities. I take lunch any time I want between 11-1 and I also get an hour for my lunch break. The company gave me double my salary when I was promoted to a salaried position in August of 2015 and I get a steady pay increase yearly on my anniversary date. The company offers me healthcare at an affordable rate and I have also the life insurance. I have built great work relationships with multiple people at the facility, and am able to come to work everyday with a smile on my face and say hello to any of my fellow associates and colleagues. The company has holiday luncheons that they provide free of charge. For Christmas, they also have door prizes. They hand out gift cards and plenty of other items in addition to the usually good food. The company is also very close to my home so I only drive about 10 minutes to and from work. It has been a very pleasant experience so far, I am in my third year of employment with this company, and so far it is been a fairly good experience. I could only change a couple things. I would increase my pay, but who wouldn't want more money. I have a company laptop computer that I am free to take home with me if I need to do some work at home on the weekends or week nights. Or recently I needed to work from home because my wife was ill. I also have a company work cell phone that I have for emergencies during non working hours or to communicate with associates that are not close by during normal working hours. I have a good job, I am able to make decisions for my self and I have a consulting network in case I need advice or to discuss important decisions before making them. It is a great situation for me to be in and I am very thankful for the oppurtinity I was given by them

What I dislike

I need more money on my annual salary. I don't really have a whole lot of negative comments. just

Suggestions for improvement

I would increase salaries, improve communications with employees, and give holiday bonues of $250X years of service

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