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  • 09.12.2014

Research can become a mirage

Firma Profactor GmbH
Jobstatus Ex-Job seit 2014
Hierarchie Angestellte/r - Arbeiter/in
Abteilung Forschung / Entwicklung


  • Originally the company's motto is scientific research for industry. This is often forgotten and people tend to believe that the company employees are there to do industrial work (it could but it isn't built up for it). Even the employees contract are based on scientific researcher general contracts in Austria. Either they fully go into industry and forget the illusion that they are scientific or go into scientific research for industry and forget the illusion that scientific research and industrial work alone will make them stinking rich. Great company's like google and microsoft first develop their marketing and industrial profile to a level then they afford to have a whole research unit. But being a small 100-200 man company you can't expect to function that way. So for this magnitude of employees its more focus on industrial research or no research at all. Also management should have the training of the things they manage, it's not sufficient anymore to be able to "manage" but to know the intricacies and technology of the things.


Young people around you gives an energy to the company. They do robotics and partially do nanotechnology (sadly this practice seems to die soon)

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