DSwiss AG als Arbeitgeber

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Great experience. Friendly and nice team, motivating and useful tasks even for an intern (as I was).

Ex-Praktikant/inHat im Bereich IT gearbeitet.


Das Team war amazing. Sehr freundliche Leute.


Worked during covid-19, so many colleagues were able to work from home. Many (male and female) co-workers have families and managed to well balance work and life. IT life allows you to work remotely.


I worked there for only two months, and I never experienced conflictual situations. However, I noticed that there wasn't any bad feeling between colleagues and superiors. Moreover, my own tasks have been largely discussed between me and my superior. He asked me how I felt with those tasks, if they were motivating for me and if I had any suggestions in order to improve them. I found this really stimulating.

Interessante Aufgaben

I've done 4 internship and this one was by far the one with the most interesting tasks. Moreover, I never spent a minute thinking that what I was doing was useless as many internship "tasks" are, because what I was doing was really useful for the company itself, who completely trusted me and leaned on me for those specific tasks.


Rooms were well-aired and each one of us had at least a laptop, 2-monitors and a standing desk equipped with hand-writing tools. Everything was modern and efficient.