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Goldbach Group AG Erfahrungsbericht

  • 13.02.2011
  • Standort: Biel

Exciting Work at a High Growth Digital Agency

Firma Goldbach Interactive AG
Stadt Biel/Bienne
Jobstatus Ex-Job seit 2011
Position/Hierarchie Angestellte/r - Arbeiter/in


  • Gipfeli every day!


Great opportunity for intensive learning in the world of online marketing in Europe, especially in the DACH region, with exciting projects for international brands and organizations. Goldbach Interactive is one of the leading online agencies in Switzerland and is known for producing work reflecting this image. There are lots of opportunities to learn many aspects of the online marketing world with a great group of capable people.

Leadership is dependable and transparent, with high expectations that enable learning and growth. Colleagues are very knowledgeable and helpful whenever possible. Projects are discussed on a daily basis as part of the project management process and at least weekly as a team, with clear goals and communication is open to ensure proper preparation for task processing.

Salaries are average and match industry norms, and are paid very reliably. The Biel office is very nice with very large windows, fresh air, and up to date equipment.


High pressure environment can become overwhelming and if not properly managed can lead to tensions and infrequent conflict. Issues are usually directly addressed, however, and quickly solved.

As with any agency, work can sometimes run into personal time depending on the status of the project. Priorities clearly lie with personal life when push comes to shove.

Interessante Aufgaben
Umgang mit Kollegen 45+
Karriere / Weiterbildung
Gehalt / Sozialleistungen
Umwelt- / Sozialbewusstsein

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