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job security, colleagues, office was nice but is currently closed


stop with the politics, listen to good business cases, be on time for meetings with your employees (it is not acceptable to regularly let 130 people wait in an allhands because management is not on time!), stop the blame-game, listen to what is possible


High pressure on results paired with little celebration of successes and harsh, unconstructive feedback. Cool colleagues help make the little things better.


Late communication of important info. Questions are encouraged (they even have a tool for this!) but haven't been answered in more than 3 months. It doesn't work this way.


Team is cool. Many smart people. If only the managing team would help them grow.


Since homeoffice (start of COVID), meetings are all day every day. It does not feel OK to say "i cant do a meeting at 6 pm because I will start work at 8 am".


Some team leads are cool and take care of their people. In my experience, feedback talks were late, boss-employee-meetings were not respected (lateness, short notice cancel, ...).

Interessante Aufgaben

Actually, there is so much potential for cool projects. There is so much left to do in the industry and a big room for innovation. But management and shareholder torpedo good ideas for political reasons.


Managing team is almost completely male. Diversity was a big issue in summer. A committee was formed to work on this, but no outcomes so far.


There is no social/ ecological purpose of this company. The only purpose is commercial.


Pay is good. Not extraordinary, but good.


Jens PapinTeam Lead Recruiting

Dear colleague,

Thank you for your feedback. We take every feedback serious. You´ve mentioned quite a few topics, it is difficult to address all of them via this platform. Let's start with two of them:

Work-life balance:
Due to the current home office situation, it is currently much more difficult to ensure a healthy and sustainable work-life balance. Some team members actually prefer to shift their working hours to the evening hours, e.g. due to parental responsibilities. It is crucial that everyone communicates their own needs and also sets limits. We can only encourage you to do this and will support you in ensuring that your boundaries are respected and meetings are held during core working hours.

Diversity & Inclusivity:
Although it took some time to set up an emloyee survey to assess the status quo and thereby ensure that we are working on the right topics, we already have a bunch of initiatives up and running. We hope you got our updates on this during the all hands and via our newsletters in the meantime. We have no desire to change the current management team ;-) , but there are quite a few initiatives going on in order to make sure we reach people of all genders in our recruiting activities. Please reach out to our recruiters for more information!

For all the other topics you´ve mentioned, we would be happy to talk to you directly. Please contact me via jens.papin@hey.car

Best regards,
Jens Papin