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Very gratifying first work experience in Germany! I could not have asked for more!

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The atmosphere is as pleasant as it can get, from the moment you arrive until it's time to go home you get nothing but a feeling of good energy and a happy environment.


I thought that this was going to be an issue when I started working here, because I was the only non-German speaker. However, I had the luck to work with very friendly colleagues who spoke (almost all of them) perfect English. Also, a well-defined hierarchy made the communication go fluidly.


During my time here I can't recall of any misunderstanding or any hassle with any of my workmates. On the contrary, many of them are my friends nowadays and we often meet outside the office!


I was able to choose at what time I wanted to start working and at what time I wanted to leave, as long as I fulfilled the amount of time agreed upon. That gave me the chance to fit my working schedule with my personal appointments & events; it also gave me the chance to start taking German classes. If any day I needed to leave a bit earlier, I could do that and compensate it any other day.


Flawless! They were objective and understanding, and they shared a lot of common spaces with the rest of the employees.

Interessante Aufgaben

I had the big luck to work at a position that met many of my interests, and everyday I discovered and learned something new. Although sometimes it can get repetitive, as any job, the first prevailed to the second.


This matter is clearly satisfied, to the point that I did not even consider it. Even with my lack of knowledge of the German language and condition of foreigner I took the same tasks and got the same rewards as any of my colleagues.

Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

Thanks to my older colleagues I got to learn a lot about German football, Krautrock and the life in East & West Berlin, absolutely priceless!


Our office might have been a bit messy occasionally but I'd rather see it as a sexy mess! If one thing deserves your attention is that the office is quite away from the center of Berlin; nevertheless, two express train lines take you from the main hotspots in Berlin & Brandenburg in a matter of minutes.


We dealt with so many (SO MANY!) things and even if we tried to reduce waste to the minimum, I do not know how that was treated, so I will give the benefit of the doubt on this point.


As stated above, I got the chance to start studying German (intensively) while I also got the chance to develop myself inside the company. I got the feeling that talent and motivation are well recognized and very well focused.