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Empowered and Energized: TWAICE is my Career's Power 'Battery'

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What I personally like most is, that all the obligatory factors (salary, holidays, company culture,..) are great. This is not only me, but also other colleagues are giving me the same vibes, when talking with them.
This creates a motivating work atmosphere, where also new starters are quickly integrated into.
Additionally, there are many events (which no one is forced to join, but many love to join) during and outside of working hours.
TWAICE is a great employer which I am recommending to every friend (as long as I see a fit).


The colleagues are all nice! You always have the freedom to speak with whomever you want, also C-Level. On the other side, focus time is respected. We have the choice to work from home, but I personally prefer the office!


There are communication channels (offline, online, direct and indirect) for all regards. Often also anonymous surveys for all kind of topics.


I usually get along with my colleagues (this is my 4th employer). At TWAICE it is exceptional how we help each other out and work together as a team to push this company forward!


Working in sales, I am used to "go the extra mile". I have sales colleagues in all stages of life and all of them seem happy. Same goes for all the other departments.


They are always reachable and open for providing and receiving feedback.

Interessante Aufgaben

Interesting tasks, which is due to the innovative and "new" field in which we are working as a pioneering company.


The company treats everyone equally and has internal initiatives to make sure to keep it that way.


There is a great sense of responsibility at TWAICE. Also always vegetarian and vegan friendly food options.


TWAICE offers a competitive salary, along with an almost unseen amount of benefits:
+Free breakfast and lunch
+Yearly trainings budget
+Bunch of company events (Summer party, Christmas party, Wiesn, Mountain Offsite, Team events, ...)
+Online courses
+Company bikes
+Free charging for e-vehicles
+No individual company cars but there are company pool cars to borrow for private reasons
and more...


I never identified more with the image of an employer. Sustainability and renewable energies are so important for our future generations.

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Kerstin Angerer, Working Student People&Culture
Kerstin AngererWorking Student People&Culture

Dear colleague,

thank you very much for this great feedback! I don't know what else I could add!
It's the colleagues and our common mission that make TWAICE truly special as an employer! And the benefits are the cherry on top :)
Let's continue to empower each other and keep the passion for what we do every day!