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International & passionate

Ex-Praktikant/inHat im Bereich Marketing / Produktmanagement gearbeitet.

Gut am Arbeitgeber finde ich

- Very international company, which is not that easy to find in Tyrol. Perfect for me since I am still learning German and the main language spoken in the office is English.
- I applied spontaneously with an open application which was taken very seriously, the whole application process was very smooth and fast.
- Help with administrative stuff regarding living in Austria as a foreigner, for example regarding questions about health insurance.
- Possibility to work remotely from wherever you want, also possibilities to join colleagues in Barcelona.
- Team events!
- Nice work environment in Werkstätte Wattens

Schlecht am Arbeitgeber finde ich

- Having to provide your own technical equipment
- No compensation for travel costs to and from work
- It can be hard to bond with colleagues who work remotely from other countries which you cannot meet in person. (on the other hand this also offers freedom in case you want to work remotely yourself!)


More attention for sustainability


From the first day at Gronda I felt comfortable and felt like I can be myself.


Communication is always challenging however in weekly meetings we keep each other informed.


In my opinion people are open to each other.


Flexible with home office and working hours. One of gronda's ideas is that you should enjoy your work so it will be part of your life instead of having to find a "work-life-balance".


Aim high and regularly give each other compliments.

Interessante Aufgaben

From the first week on, my work was visible in the app and on social media. So even as an intern I felt like I was contributing from the first moment. Apart from that, I feel like in my internship there is a good balance between performing more and less interesting tasks and overall there is space for me to ask questions and learn.


There is a good balance between men and women on the work floor and they are treated equally. The founders are aware about the importance of this balance.

Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

Overall, Gronda has a very young team.


The office is located in a very nice building with many facilities such a a fancy kitchen, terrace and sports room. However, the location is not that easy to reach with public transport from Innsbruck. Regarding technical equipment, you have to provide that yourself.


There are not many specific actions taken to preserve our world and act sustainably, here is some space for improvement.


The salary is fair.


Company values are clearly defined and very important at Gronda. Effort is paid to integrate these in the work.


I got offered the opportunity to stay after my internship at Gronda. Also, I have colleagues who have grown a lot within the company. Another important aspect regarding this topic is giving feedback to help each other grow.