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Meister - the company behind MindMeister and MeisterTask - lives its values internally, leading to great teamwork.

Angestellte/r oder Arbeiter/inHat zum Zeitpunkt der Bewertung im Bereich Personal / Aus- und Weiterbildung bei Meister gearbeitet.

Gut am Arbeitgeber finde ich

What I find good about my employer -
Team and its collaboration, company events, internal development, the vision and cause


Atmosphere - We're all people who want to make great things happen, and promoting software tools that help teams collaborate is definitely great. Everyone's putting in a lot of effort and is willing to help, we've got the resources to put things into practice. After weekends and holidays, I'm always happy to return to the team.


The people who know Meister appreciate us. Meister is hosting meetups and sponsors conferences, so we're taking actively part in the developer community. However, the Austrian labour market doesn't seem to be too aware of Meister as the "hidden champion". Having users worldwide does not always promote your image in the country you're hiring most in - Austria.


According to all contracts, we're working 38.5 hours per week. That itself is rare in Austria. Additionally, everyone's understanding if the personal life comes in between, like if a kid is sick. There are sponsored yoga classes and meditation to get one's mind off from time to time.


Career and development - Meister is very open to sponsoring courses or conferences or encouraging for learning on the job through mentors and exciting projects. Usually, goals are defined each autumn and what each individual team member needs to live up to his/her potential is discussed and paid for.


Salary - Meister is paying less than the giants on the market. However, I'm working here because I appreciate the team and my role a lot, and many other benefits wouldn't be "paid" by corporations. We're going on a company trip for a week each year where we stay in a great hotel, develop ideas in the mornings, do sports in the afternoons and celebrate the night. I doubt that the benefits of other companies could be higher than the total package I'm getting at Meister.


Social responsibility - We're having many client NGOs or tech clients working on making the world a better place. MindMeister and MeisterTask help them to do so.


Feeling of belonging to the team - Especially the teams that work towards certain goals are very well connected and celebrate successes. There's enough room though for people from different departments to connect, like our pool table, garden, ... I feel like there's a strong sense of belonging to one's team but also to the company in general.

Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

Older colleagues - Seniority is appreciated because of the valuable inputs.


The behaviour of the team leads - They very much see it as their responsibility to provide the bigger picture and to develop people. In my opinion, they are great people to work with.


Work environment - Meister is located very centrally in Vienna and has an amazing office that is inviting to stay even longer. Different sitting opportunities promote meetings and brainstorming. Breaks are used for a round of pool or a coffee with colleagues (obviously this kind of breaks would not be deducted of working time because it's making people work even better together). We're very free.


Communication - We're respectful in our communication. There's a flat hierarchy in place which means that people are very approachable. We are taking the time to give feedback and meetings are usually well organized.


Equal opportunities - No matter which gender, orientation, age or other aspects, we all have equal opportunities here when it comes to our own development and salary.

Interessante Aufgaben

Tasks - My job is different every day and I have a lot of freedom in the path I pursue. We're a growing company, being part of this itself is exciting! The roles are changing so that there's enough room to develop. If life at Meister ever becomes boring: as long as it's communicated, change will happen.