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Two lay-offs within one year. The Management has no clear plan, mindless decisions and insecurity all over

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Ex-Angestellte/r oder Arbeiter/inHat im Bereich Marketing / Produktmanagement bei Meister gearbeitet.

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The team spirit in individual departments. There were very cool personalities in the company who, unfortunately, are gradually leaving or being kicked out.

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Individuals in management make decisions based on subjective opinions.

Unfortunately, much of the company's work is now based on who likes whom. Thus, relevant positions are excluded from important meetings/decisions and not informed. It has become a constant selling of people's roles. If you are lucky and you are seen, you can do the job you are hired for.

It's not much about teamwork anymore. You also notice that the people who have been hired in the last 6-12 months have a different mentality. It's a lot about the own ego.

That a consultant from America came in for 3 months, who has the US glasses on and does not understand what the company was unique for in the beginning. Without further ado, it was decided to reduce the marketing team by almost 50%.


Put management in place that knows what it's doing and has a plan and objectives set. The strategy should also not be changed every few weeks, because it does not achieve the - often not very realistic - goals. Employees were let go because there is no strategy in place and no departmental goals were set (The company's hierarchy is not working). As a result, lay-offs are happening and people are dismissed who are said not to have achieved the goals.

Learn to trust the employees and refrain from micro-management. Employees are hired and then have to sell their roles and prove why it's a good thing they've been hired.

The company should establish a hierarchy and it should work properly.
The management should learn that in this highly competitive environment it is not enough to copy the competition.

The company should live the set values. There is talk of being courageous and trying things out, but when employees do so, the Management backs down on the basis of subjective decisions.


Management has no trust in employees, people are hired and kicked out after a very short time because they do not meet expectations.


Communication within the company does not work, everything happens on Slack, there is no filtering of information. Hierarchical coordination does not work. Employees with management responsibility are ignored - when once again headless decisions are made quickly.


The management does not adhere to their set hierarchies, many decisions were made over department heads.

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If you're happy enough that your role is still seen as important and you get along well with key people in the company, then you'll have interesting projects too




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RabeaHead of People & Culture, Meister

Thank you for sharing your feedback. Your insights are extremely valuable to us as we continually strive to improve.

We understand that the rightsizing measures we went through were frustrating, and we deeply regret any negative impact it had on you and others involved. Those decisions were driven by strategic and economic factors, and it was a difficult choice that we had to make. We are committed to learning from this experience and making the necessary changes to ensure that our processes align with our values of empathy and transparency.

In addition, we also provided attractive compensation packages, severance benefits, and other resources to assist affected colleagues in their transition. We wanted to ensure that individuals had the best possible support during this challenging period and access to resources to help them move forward in their careers.

Meister is going through a phase of transformation, as we are moving from a hidden champion towards a recognized challenger on the market. Those changes come with challenges, and we can understand if the recent dynamics left the impression that we are uncertain about our own strategy. Our leadership is working hard to navigate through these challenges and give everybody as much clarity as possible. I am sorry that it did not feel like that for you, but please be assured that we take your feedback to heart and do our best to improve.

If you would like to share any specific details about your experience or provide further insights, I encourage you to reach out to me directly at rabea@meisterlabs.com.

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback.

Best, Rabea