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The worst place I ever worked with an unimaginable culture

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The way you handle employees and the culture you created is something I never ever seen. Such a culture is a shame to any organization. I have many colleagues who are already at a burnout stage, they just started a year ago. Think about it!


- Remove the time stamp machines
- Start caring about your employees, they are the best assets you have
- Fight the fear culture, you will never grow if you allow this to happen


Fear and zombies everywhere


They do not even care that it is an international place. They start all communication in German, it is 2020!! Time to change.


Most of the employees come from non-EU countries so they are scared of losing their jobs. Therefore, they will be fighting with any newcomers who might show a new way of doing something. Also, they will never say anything to their bosses because they are scared. So, no change is initiated,


I do not think they know this word.


They never finish anything. Never. They push you to finalize something and forget about your life or family because it is so urgent. And then, all projects just disappear somewhere.

Interessante Aufgaben

Fantastic copying of other companies but only if it involves zero risk and immediate return.


Check the board members, check the leadership, check check check and you have your answers. Fully male dominated.

Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

They mostly fired older colleagues in the layoffs.


It is improving but still very old fashioned. They track your time like in a factory. You walk into the factory in the morning and punch your timesheet.


Huge gap between Austrian and non-Austrian salaries.


Old fashioned, only talking about themselves. They never talk about customers, even though they say that customer experience is important.


All depends on your manager.