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Rats fleeing a sinking ship

Nicht empfohlen
Hat zum Zeitpunkt der Bewertung nicht mehr im Bereich IT bei TTTech gearbeitet.

Gut am Arbeitgeber finde ich

- Startup spirit
- International dynamic environment in most of departments
- Home office whenever you like, no one cares or controls it
- Central location in a vibrant distrit

Schlecht am Arbeitgeber finde ich

- It only goes in one direction, namely downhill, projects are a chaos
- Huge turnover of hard-workers and good leaders, soon TTTech will run out of decent people to burn
- 90's offices
- no canteen
- hardly any events for people and teambuilding


- Reintroducing employee events, organizing department office days. Try to rebuild the lost spirit TTTech once had, not by demanding 110% from the employees on the projects and then encouraging them to organize such events "voluntarily" on the side. That is the company's job
- Put personnel development back on the agenda. Performance reviews in
TTTech are a farce, career decisions are taken based on the preference, not competence basis - you need to be transparent in regards to providing
opportunities/offering prospects to employees. Favoritism is not good for the company.


People are frustrated and extremely dissatisfied across all areas by constant changes of direction.


Unethical ways to communicate, office politics, favoritism. Like not saying anything to a person's face, but talking bad behind their back is a norm here top down. Direct and transparent feedback rarely happens, backstabbing on the other hand is quite often. When people suddenly (and constantly) dissapear no one explains why that happened, as if that's normal.


Measures such as team building or company events seem to be a foreign word here.


There are some structural problems in the company:
Top-Management needs progress fast and cheap, some employees don't want to stress for the salary they got, providing constant change of management and goals. Some employees are taking care of their life constantly during/instead of work. On the other hand, many colleagues do far more than the agreed hours on a constant basis.


Depends on team, due to constant management changes the goals are also changing constantly and dramaticly

Interessante Aufgaben

Depending on the project, the tasks are very interesting and fun. However, many tasks are often distributed to very few shoulders.
BUT the projects are becoming less and less fun due to the lack of
resources, extreme pressure, and non-transparent staffing proces


Boys club


Grey sterile offices from 90's/beginning of 2000, one dining/community room per building - it's no fun to
work here. Comparing to other companies in IT industry it's a sad
working environment.
IT equipment below average, internal IT due to a lackof staff works without motivation and interest


Comparing to other companies in IT industry TTTech has nothing
competitive to offer really.


Depending on the department, the perception is different.
In the meantime, due to many people leaving the company a word has
gotten around that it is not a recommended place to work


Many top performers have left the company. As a result, professionals are made managers, although often they are not qualified for it - it's just so that they don't leave as well.
Trainings: mainly TTTech academy trainings, that won't be helpful
anywhere else but in TTTech.

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The addressed topics are very important for us to reflect and improve continuously – therefore suggestions for improvement are always helpful for us.

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