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End of downhill journey not in sight

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Gut am Arbeitgeber finde ich

Not much anymore

Schlecht am Arbeitgeber finde ich

Toxicity and negativity. Measures and decisions that negatively impact employees are not communicated openly.


Throw out bad apples. Start listening to feedback instead of sugarcoating / holding back information.


Negative. Lots of mistrust and fear going around. People that adhere to and promote the views of the management will get promoted. Criticism is met with strong opposition.


Fact: steep decline in review scores on kununu since 2019


Fact: overtime is expected.


Fact: Good in some pockets of collaboration. Do not expect any support from the leadership team.


Instead of listening and implementing valuable feedback, negative reviews from sites like kununu are removed. The management team has a fear-based management style.


Fact: all interesting extras that used to differentiate arcondis from others are gone.


Fact: communication has been the weakest (but most important!) point since leadership change and the 'transformation' started. Anything that would not go down well with employees was forced through and presented after final decision was made. Even though feedback was requested, none of the decisions were altered/reversed.


Fact: below market-average for this industry.


Fact: no women in the leadership team

Interessante Aufgaben

Subjective: Most projects are not that exciting


I am sorry to hear that you perceive Arcondis in this way.

Unfortunately, I have to disagree with your "facts":
- Everyone gets support from the leadership and from other colleagues across the company.
- We have women in the leadership team
- The additional benefits we offer, our values of cohesion with the culture and our way of working make Arcondis unique as an employer.
- Overtime is not required, it is required to have a healthy understanding of how to work in order to effectively add value to our clients, Arcondis and most importantly to each and every employee.

I wish you all the best for the future!


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