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Room for improvement, but an effort is being made - upwards trend

Angestellte/r oder Arbeiter/inHat zum Zeitpunkt der Bewertung bei Arcondis AG in Reinach gearbeitet.

Gut am Arbeitgeber finde ich

If you want to take responsibility & drive topics, you can do so even if they're not at all in scope of your "normal" job description.


Create more opportunities for employees to see each other "live" - in accordance with Covid19 regulations of course. Arcondis weekend for example


Amongst the consulting workforce a nice sense of supporting each other. Project work & surrounding team members are mostly seen as the "homebase". Sense of alienation towards (senior) management.


Could honestly be better;
the rumour mill works perfectly and important decisions are often communicated to late from senior mgmt, so that everyone has already heard speculations about it.


Of course depends on who you work with, but personally, I really enjoy my team. A lot of laughter, collaboration, and pulling each other through the "lows".


Very flexible working hours- Arcondis doesn't care that much, as long as i
t works with the client & project hours.
Part-time work is possible, vacation can be handed in on very short notice. Over-time lets you advance faster (which I think is natural if you invest x-fold amout of time and effort), but is in no way expected or mandatory - which is rare in consulting


- Organization was struggling with teal vs. top-down decision making, which was not always elegantly handled by management
- Dedicated responsible for settling/counseling disputes amongst employees
- Some management members struggle with control, micro-management, empowering employees
- Improvements in the structure & mindset are ongoing, unfortunately this does not happen overnight

Interessante Aufgaben

Name of the game is IT-related consulting in different forms (agile projectmgmt, OCM, Compliance, digitalization, system implementations, ...) so if you like that, then it's interesting ;)


Equal pay, no exclusionary behaviour based on ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality. Company is very open-minded in general.
1 woman in senior mgmt, which could be better, but IT consulting still attracts more male candidates.

Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

Have never witnessed neither any exclusionary behaviour, nor any extra benefits. Team events are planned in such a way, that everyone, independant of physical condition, can participate.


Offices in Reinach are quite horrible, which is known to everyone. Since most consultants don't go there frequently when on client projects, it has been tolerated. Moving to much nicer facilites is currently in discussion - fingers crossed!
IT & home office equipment could be more readily provided (external monitors, Jabra, etc) and labtops of higher performance.
iPhone is provided.


- Sustainability has never been mentioned in any kind of way, e.g. initiatives to reduce waste, energy consumption, etc. are non-existant
- Flying to team/company events for short distances was seen as normal before the pandemic
- Social responsibilty is a long-term goal, no action so far


A bit under industry standard of consulting, however, only 40 h expected instead of 55+ at larger consultancies


Not widely known, a bit more niche. For those who know it, a small consultancy providing more than high-level strategic "blabla". Image has suffered from the turmoil of internal transformation.


Trainingplan for each individual employee in accordance with their short- and long-term career goals, tranining budget is provided. A bit of drive
sides employee is needed to really push through- it's not presented on a silver platter