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Caring and empowering working environment

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When I first met Liip, it was love at first sight. Back then I was a client of Liip. The collaboration with the project team was awesome and the work done great. At that time, I said to myself that one day I’ll have to join this so inspiring and so empowering company.

I joined Liip a bit more than a year ago. And I am still in the honeymoon phase. Onboarding was very smooth – even if I joined a team spread across several locations. Within my team, I experienced the perfect balance between coaching and independence work on each project I take over or launch. Within my location (where no of my teammates are located), I felt very welcomed too, and very quickly super well integrated. Countless activities are organised by the Liipers to foster human interactions and a good mood.

I could go on for a while. As a wrap up, I would say that I love my colleagues, my projects, the culture and conditions. I feel lucky and grateful for this incredible work and life experience.


Liip provides the caring working environment I was looking for – where actions are taken to make me feel good at work. Sport courses, massages, breakfasts and end-of-the-day-cheerful-gatherings. I also like my standing desk very much. On a personal level, I feel listened to and valued. I have a voice within the company and can take initiatives.


I chose to work at a 100% rate even if I had – and still have – the possibility to lower my occupation rate. I like the freedom I have regarding working hours. I’m involved in an association (outside of Liip) and it has never been an issue to be off a couple of hours here and then during the day.


Before joining Liip, I built myself a picture of the company. Now that I am Liiper myself, it’s exactly as I imagined. Transparency, equality, empowerment, flexibility, agility are really lived and nurtured. I also feel very connected to the values and principles of the company. Which is really important to me in order to deliver qualitative work.




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Jenny Zehnder, Lead Marketing und Communication
Jenny ZehnderLead Marketing und Communication

Dear Liiper,

Thank you very much for your detailed and amazing feedback! We greatly appreciate your opinion.

We wish you all the best for the future and let me know if you think of anything we can improve on (as there are only pro's in your feedback ;))

Greetings Jenny, Employer Branding Specialist