Liip AG als Arbeitgeber

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It’s going down the drain

Nicht empfohlen
Ex-Angestellte/r oder Arbeiter/inHat im Bereich IT bei Liip in Freiburg gearbeitet.

Schlecht am Arbeitgeber finde ich

Stop speaking about how cool you are when you are not


Get things done! Drop holocrazy, it just does not work and we all know it. Encourage people to speak out, everyone is afraid to tell anything as we know this adventure won‘t last much longer.


Everyone thinks he‘s the best


Slack only. Millions of messages to follow. Ppl don‘t know what is really going on.


No bosses means nobody is responsible for anything. Things move slow, leads have a short term vision.

Interessante Aufgaben

Jobs got worse in the last 3 days, quality has no importance, just get it done and move on to the next project


Salary, lol. Work for Swisscom if you want a proper salary AND nice benefits


Ppl on the street or at conferences do not have a good image on Liip. „Oh, you work at Liip? Good grief!“


Career? There is no such thing. Everyone is „equal“ (unless, of course, you have been around for a long time, then you‘re „special“)




Umgang mit älteren Kollegen




Jenny Zehnder, Lead Marketing und Communication
Jenny ZehnderLead Marketing und Communication

Dear colleague,

Thank you very much for your critical and open comments! Your experience sounds really bad. We’d like to discuss with you the possibilities for improving the points you raised because we think we can always learn and improve. We always endeavor to develop formats that meet the needs of new employees as well as the experienced Liipers. Please also give us personal feedback - you can contact whomever you like or of course me at any time.
We try to support you with all means.

Greetings Jenny, Employer Branding Specialist