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not an everlasting secure work place, expect working overhours

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Ex-Angestellte/r oder Arbeiter/inHat zum Zeitpunkt der Bewertung nicht mehr im Bereich Forschung / Entwicklung bei Endava Berlin GmbH in Berlin gearbeitet.

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Office location at Tempelhof airport was quite nice

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It felt like everything went down after the merger with Endava - More or less like "hey, transfer your knowledge to cheaper employees" (normally people located outside of germany) so they could replace you with those later on.


- Check your management positions, some might be wrong for the job.
- Get new projects ahead of time.
- Project aquisition should know the target group, acquiring projects shouldn't be something the development team needs to take care of but the people who are hired for that.


Working with the team was nice, felt like a safe haven.


Working together with my team and having non-work-related stuff going on in addition was great. I can only say that for the team I worked with though, you barely get to know people from other teams.


Many overhours, "flexible work hours" were mainly in a set timeframe, finding a replacement to do your job while you take time off could be tough, so you either had to take time off at a different time or needed to expect to work overhours after your vacation to take care of piled up workload. Also part of your overhours were expected from you to do and not paid (Note: check your contract before signing!).


Project owner and project manager were great people, profession lead wasn't of any help at all

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It's an agency so there's a chance you see many different projects. You might as well end up being stuck on one big project and taking care of the same stuff over and over again (non-automated releases of content).


Payment was okay, became fair after several raises


There's no real support from your profession lead regarding that. Take care of it yourself.
You'll need to pay ahead on your own and get a refund later.
For a few years the company paid it directly with the downside of a company wide budget that might have already been used up when you asked for it (-> either no refund or no training).
Even finding time for education was hard 'cause you tend to be overloaded with tasks while projects are available.



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