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Good company, striving for continuous improvement

Hat zum Zeitpunkt der Bewertung bei ERM GmbH in Neu-Isenburg gearbeitet.

Gut am Arbeitgeber finde ich

Good work environment, global footprint, great networking opportunities, flexible working hours.

Schlecht am Arbeitgeber finde ich

Sometimes business internal processes require a lot of work.


Overall relaxed and positive working environment. Low hierarchies. Very easy to get connected with people from all across the globe. Networking is made easy through global Technical Communities, many projects are delivered with international project teams which makes this a fun place to work at.


Generally good communication. Partners in my team, Business Unit Managing Partner, HR Lead available for questions or support when needed. There is always something that could be improved, but communication is generally good. If something is missing I feel empowered to ask for additional information and nothing is hidden.


Great! Has suffered a bit during the pandemic, but overall great people to work with and great atmosphere between the colleagues.


As with consulting work everywhere, there are ups and downs in workload. Making sure there is a good work life balance became a bigger topic over the past years with the leadership team. People have the opportunity to work part time. Not a 100% fit under this topic, but company takes mental health of employees very serious which became clear during the pandemic, e.g. there are now mental health champions to support colleagues if needed.


This of course depends largely on your direct supervisor, but from my experience leaders around me show a professional attitude and care for their staff. Same for Leadership on country level.

Interessante Aufgaben

Wide variety of tasks depending on projects. For those who are interested, keen and willing to do new or different things, opportunities are generally there. This however sometimes requires some personal initiative.


Diversity and inclusion is a big topic for the company.

Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

no issues observed.


Pre-Covid everyone had a office room of generally 2-3 people. During current home office times company supports colleagues if needed.


Big plus of the company. There e.g. is a company foundation in place, that supports projects locally and across the world, there is a sustainability committee where people can get engaged, company aims to reduce its environmental footprint more and more.


Probably average for the environmental consulting business, definitely more than in smaller environmental consulting companies, but can be hard to compete with industry. Still easily possible to pay rent in Frankfurt with the salary.


One of the leading companies in environmental consulting.


Lots of training opportunities in online intranet training database. This has grown a lot over the past years. Also development opportunities through linkedin learning. Personal development is discussed at least 2 times per year in meetings with the Line Manager to talk about any issues, ambitions etc. If people can demonstrate they are ambitious, performance is at or above expectations (which are the basics for career progression at other companies, too), then there are a variety of career development options.