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Wage ratio.


Value People. Less talk, more action.


The atmosphere in general is great, the team is supportive of each other across departments, something very special. Sadly this atmosphere is detracted by unbelievable pressure on reaching higher goals each week, month, quarter, year.


working from home is a nice touch indeed, however if you´re required to be there from 9am to 6pm it certainly does not express flexibility of any kind. And beware of leaving the office earlier than 6pm, you´ll get unhappy side glances.


no transparency management wise. A lot of talk, but no real information is shared.


no Investment in people. If you do not prove yourself, there is no willingness to invest in you to bring out the best version of your self in order to have the company profit from you.


Interessante Aufgaben


Umgang mit älteren Kollegen







Expertlead Team

Dear former Expertleader
We wished we would have known you were not satisfied and wished you had openly addressed your concerns while we still had a chance to make a difference.

Apart from an "open door" policy and open feedback culture among others we offer monthly Q&A's, NPS surveys, founders "ask me anything" sessions - that could have potentially been a great platform to raise your voice.

While you might no longer work with us we are happy to provide some context on the concerns you have shared with us - thank you for your perspective here

work-life-balance and working times:
While we don't have core working hours we recommend every individual to align with their respective teams on coloborative times creating the right harmony between doing what you enjoy the most in your personal time and what we need to get done within our teams to disrupt the industry. Being a remote first company we naturally work in different timezones that requires alignment to make sure we can reach around 4 hours of collaborative time.

During our weekly Monday all-hands we create a unique visibility into our current business numbers, by making sure every individual within Expertlead has full tranparency into our company results without a filter.

Career Development
Every team has a career development plan in place that our leads lay focus on discussing during the Q2 and Q4 performance reviews (during the Q1 and Q3 reviews we keep the process more slim). Apart from that we offer Udemy logins and personal development budgets to support each indivual in their development path.

We wish you all the very best.