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A great team and lots of opportunities for ambitious and driven people

Ex-Führungskraft / ManagementHat im Bereich Marketing / Produktmanagement gearbeitet.

Gut am Arbeitgeber finde ich

People, culture, communication, strategy, no-politics just talent

Schlecht am Arbeitgeber finde ich

I can’t think of any


Expertlead is full of passionate people, focus on a joint mission. The management successfully fosters a culture of collaboration, trust and respect.


The hierarchy is flat and despite a rapidly growing team the communication cause no problems. A transparency of the joint goals is being assured on all the management levels. And modern tools make it easy to effectively communicate in and between the teams.


The collaboration, despite big ambitions, is pleasant and based on a mutual respect and high motivation to achieve results as a team. Ego has no access.


The goals are ambitious but make it possible to keep your work-life - balance. The company is fully supporting the well-being of the employees and is constantly seeking feedback to react to any disturbing signals.


The management is always in a close alignment with the teams, actively seeks feedback to ensure a proper goal setting and a good working environment.

Interessante Aufgaben

There is no boredom at expertlead. The company has an ambitious mission and is not afraid of being the 1st on the market trying new methods, approaches, strategies.


The ratio of women and men on the leading positions is 1:1. The company promotes for achievements and is not biased.

Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

The age is not important at expertlead. The team is diverse, with both colleagues just starting their career and those with multiple years of experience.
The company creates also a good environment for the career development. Employees are being promoted after achieving higher level of seniority, loyalty is being rewarded.


The office is very comfortable, well equipped and located centrally. The company is open for a flexible working arrangements, including working from home (permanently, without any need to relocate to Berlin).


The office supply is mostly eco and fair trade. The company motivates the employees to make eco decisions around their job.


The salaries are fair, the company additionally provides extra benefits for the employees and adjusts those based on their feedback.


Expertlead is becoming a well known brand among the tech freelancers and the companies. It stands for good service and visionary approach.


The company is encouraging a constant growth and supports with relevant trainings (if relevant). The expectations are transparent and the feedback bilateral and fair. The promotion decisions are being communicated transparently and every case is being considered very fairly.