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The atmosphere is excellent. This I think comes from a flat EU hierarchy, room for growth and progression and the home office opportunity.


The processes need a little more structure and going forward, communications from Management will need to be a little stronger.


The atmosphere at Navitas is familiar and collegial. Currently there is a bit of a buzz regarding expansion after having been taken over by Navitas - so during this transition period you can feel a dynamic atmosphere, ideas flying around, processes firming up etc. Dress code is casual.


Communication is really easy, direct and transparent.


There are little squabble here and there but in general the atmosphere is super friendly.


Navitas are really generous regarding flexibility - you can come later or go earlier if the need arises, home office is also possible for most.


The hierarchy seems to be really flat in Europe - CXOs can be contacted freely, doors are all open.

Interessante Aufgaben

Due to the transition period after having been taken over, there is a lot of scope to take on new tasks and to offer new ideas and initiatives. This is really rewarding.


There are numerous women here in Management positions.

Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

The age range is wide and everyone is treated the same.


The offices are situated in Niederrad which is easy to reach. There are smallish offices and our doors are open. Very bright. There is also a free car park nearby. There is a canteen but it isn't that great!


Salaries develop well although I think generally the larger CROs offer more. The offset though is much more valuable to me (very positive atmosphere, really lovely colleagues, flexibility regarding working hours, home office etc)


I have been here for a while and have seen many career moves / progressions - this is the advantage of being part of a relatively small team that is expanding dramatically. I am in my 40s and this is my best employer to date. I'm really happy here!