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A company with many brilliant employees but weak leadership

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Gut am Arbeitgeber finde ich

That most employees consider themselves as part of one team.

Schlecht am Arbeitgeber finde ich

That the communication within the company is that low that emloyees more and more do not identify themselves with the company. That parts of the management team show severe deficits in knowledge, soft skills and the ability to lead.


Don't change everything at once and involve the employees more in new developments and decisions. "Use" the knowledge of the employees as there is much Knowledge and experience available.


Missing structure and guidance leads to more and more reduced Motivation of the employees.


Communication is one of the major problems during the past years. Staff is not regularly informed on important developments (and if this is the case in such a general and abstract manner that it is hard to know what will be the direct impact on daily life), are not asked about their opinion and knowledge of the employees is not used in the extent it could be used.


Most of the employees see themselves as part of one team and try to achieve goals together. The atmosphere between colleagues is pretty good.


Overall work-life balance is OK. An existing regulation for overtime helps to compensate exceeding working hours. Unfortunately most line managers do not actively check working time of their employees and interfere if too many working hours are performed.


Some line managers do not give clear guidance, are not able/willing to make clear decisions and show a lack of knowledge. Limited communication towards employees leads to Irritation and frustration.

Interessante Aufgaben

Due to the mid size of the company and the lack of specialized departments employees can perform various tasks they would not do in bigger companies which makes work interesting in general. Influencing their own development and working tasks is rather limited.


Part-time employees are significantly disadvantaged when willing to develop further.

Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

Currently a mixture of young and elder employees is being hired however employees who are part of the company for a longer period of time are not extraordinarily supported.


Working conditions are in general good. Maximum number of employees per room is 4 (but in most cases 2-3). Working from home (at least some days per week) is allowed and therefore allows a high flexibility especially for employees with children and part-time employees. IT infrastructure is OK but could be updated more regularly to the current Status.


Compared to other CROs of the same size the salaries are rather low. Employees who have stayed already for a longer time in the Company did not regularly receive an increase in salary. Additional package is pretty low compared to other companies (participation in company pension scheme possible).


Many employees are not convinced of the current status of the Company.


Chances to development further are rather low in many departments. Training so far was not-existing or only very basic. Many important developments in the pharma area are not adequately trained. Currently there are plans to improve the training situation as all.